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The Making of a Business (Part 1 of 4)


Did you check out that flyer? That was my very first flyer in 2007 for the Fashion Show. A guy that I met through another guy recommended a friend to do my graphics for free! That’s how it works when you start a new idea. Help will come from all directions and I'm grateful.

You have have an idea but have no is the a where to start. This is going to sound annoying but JUST START. You won’t have all of the answers up front. You might not know what you’re doing but just start any way. Do your best. When I decided I’d wanted to do more speaking engagements I created a 21 day YouTube challenge for myself. I spoke every single day day on YouTube for 21 days straight not including weekends. Guess what, I am now being booked for speaking engagements.

It’s not it that deep but fear makes us think that we need so much to start…… that that we that we are not enough, that we need cougar dating website certifications and more training. It really slows us up and if you’re not careful you will look up and be 70 years old wondering where all the time went.

When you first start, it might not be pretty but so what??? You will grow. Check out the below:

2007 Invitation (My Start)

Recent Invitation

So, as you can see there is a BIG difference between my work in 2007 and now, however I could not do what I do now without the start in 2007.

Okay, if the invites aren't enough. Look at the difference in my sponsorship deck covers!

2007 Deck Cover

Recent Deck Cover

Have I convinced you to start?

Here are a few suggestions that will help you get moving:

1) Keep your mind right. Read inspiring books or listen to inspiring podcasts. Some of my favorite books are Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, Do You by Russell Simmons. My favorite podcasts are Smart Passive Income and Entrepreneur on Fire.

2) Change your language. Stop saying what you’re trying to do and say what you’re going to do. Start talking about this ideas as if it’s already in motion.

3) Figure out your customer. Who is your audience for this idea? If you don’t know, start doing focus groups with with your friends and family to find out. Allow them to be open with you with getting too sensitive about their feedback.

4) Set aside 2 uninterrupted hours each day to work on this idea. No social media, no emails, no phone, no TV, no distractions…..just you a pen and paper or computer. This might means skipping a couple of hours of sleep.

5) Find other dreamers to share your ideas with because they they will help you build on it. I share so much with my girlfriends that are dreamers because I know they will find more or new opportunities in my idea. Consider creating an accountability group that meets once a week or once a month.

If you follow these 5 steps I can almost guarantee you will begin to see progress. Your idea will be in motion and your vision will become more clear.

Have any of these idea already worked for you? Do you have additional ideas? Share them in the comments. I read every last one of them.



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