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Photo: Me in 2012 making some decision right before our big NYFW Fashion Show.

Last week I met with 3 young ladies during what was supposed to be a focus group for a new project I have coming up. It turned out to be a mentoring/therapy/spiritual session! During the session, the one thing I was asked was how do you know what passion to pursue. I think this question applies to a lot of us. How do you know?

In 2005 when I moved to New York, I knew that I wanted to write a book to college students. The book would basically give them practical steps on how to graduate with the job in hand. It was going to be the book I wish I had. In 2007, I started Harlem’s Fashion Row which then inspired me to finish the book. So in 2008 I put most of my focus on finishing this book project. I was so wrapped up in the book that I skipped HFR that year. I just couldn’t figure out how to juggle the two. I finally published it in 2009, College the Cruel Joke Unless You Know the Punchline! I was so proud of it, but my heart was being tugged away from the book. HFR was calling me.

I had to make a decision. Would I focus on HFR or the book? They were both passions of mine. I knew from 2008 that I could not focus on both while also working a demanding full time job. Yes, I was still working at the time. So, after some marketing efforts with the book, I decided to focus on HFR. I put the book away on a shelf.

It was not an easy decision for me because I had spent so much time on that book, but it was the best decision I knew to make at the time. Who knows what would have happened if I had focused on the book? Who ever knows what the outcome would be from a different decision? None of us. So, our goal has to be making the best decision for us at the time. Don’t let the fear of making a decision keep you from making any decision. Before you know it years will go by and you will still be debating on what decision you should make.

At some point, you just have to feel the fear, and jump. Decisions are scary. I know. I had to make a decision last week that scared the crap out of me, but I couldn’t keep wasting time. I just had to make the decision and if it’s the wrong decision it will be a mistake that I’ll learn from. A friend of mine recently said, “Give yourself permission to make a mistake”. That’s huge! Give yourself that permission and stop procrastinating debating back and forth on what steps to take.

What decision do you need to make? How long have you NOT made this decision? Come on chile. Just make the decision and go for it. Pray about it, give it your all, and let the results take care of themselves.

Make a decision.



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