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When you first start your business no one may no you. No one knows your business. That’s an advantage. I’ll never forget this video I saw with Natalie Massenet the founder of Net-A-Porter. One of the things she said made her successful was the fact that Net-A-Porter flew under the radar for so long. It gave her time to perfect her business.

HFR was the same way. For about 3 years hardly anyone paid us any attention. It was the biggest blessing because it allowed me to sharpen both my vision and character. It allowed me to make big mistakes without a big audience to see it.

If you just keep going the business will grow. New businesses take time. Think of it as an infant. You’re literally teaching it to talk, walk, eat, and so on. There will be so many times you want to quit, but if you keep going eventually you’ll see the fruit of your labor.

I will warn you though. It might take 7 – 10 years in some cases. I have absolutely NO REGRETS. Following my passion has been absolutely worth it and honestly in hindsight I’m happy it’s taken so long for things to take off with HFR. It gave me time to grow up and be the CEO that HFR needs.

Here are 5 Steps I personally use to KEEP GOING:

  1. Write down your goals and create the steps needed to make them happen. Create a timelime for the steps and add to your daily to-do list.

  2. Write down all of your past successes and blessings. Seeing what God has done before will remind you of what He can do again.

  3. Have an accountability partner. Do you have a friend just as ambitious as you? Share you goals and create accountability check-ins.

  4. Read or listen to inspiring content. In addition to The Great Girlfriends podcast that I co-host, I listen to Smart Passive Income. It keeps me motivated.

  5. Tell everyone you know about your goals. Other people will tell you to be careful who you share your dreams with and to some extent I agree. However I follow a different philosophy. I tell everyone my plans. Why? Because it holds me accountable.

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you use to KEEP GOING.



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